This is an application that provides a learning platform for low earning individuals willing to advance their education pathway. It provides set of rich contents to prepare students to continue their education up to the university level. It brings the various career path to the palm of the student. It is designed for both the Mobile and Web-based environment.
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DAREit (Developing & Acquiring Real Education in Information Technology) is one of my pet project that sprang up due to the gap I’ve seen in Information Technology among up coming developers, Youth desiring to learn and children generating rapidy interest in IT but who do not possess the skills or have access to the finance to push them to the right edge. I for one was in such a predicament until I decided to do something about my state. I saw in a post somewhere (can’t remember the place) where it reads “If you are having a problem with your state, either change it or fix it”. So I decided to do both. Change and Fix (CnF). DAREit is my CnF solution system that uses what I termed “Alternative Technology” to teach, educate, inspire and develop minds to explore the power of the Web and Information technology as a whole. More details about this new born initiative will soon be made known. meanwhile if you have an Old computer or a Laptop you can donate it to me. You will be greatly appreciated. Follow me on twitter (@ccemenike).
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TopMe is an e-wallet system that is been developed for the liberian market. It’s sole purpose is to provide flexibility for the exchange of goods and services. It provides the platform for users to transfer, send, and receive cash seamlessly. It also allows users to purchase goods or services through the platform. No more carrying around cash.

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to transfer cash from your bank account to your e-wallet
  • Ability to send cash to another wallet or bank account
  • Ability to purchase goods/services
  • Able to pay for utility bills (Water, LEC, Tax etc)
  • Ablility to see history of payments
  • Option to add other TYPES of payment systems

It’s a mobile app for the andriod platform. Thinking of building this in flutter if possible so as to have it on both android and iOS platforms.