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Beating All Odds

Jan 03-2020


Finding out exactly what is needed to become successful is the first step in actualizing any dream. So for me its TIME. It seems TIME is running at a speed I cannot control or meetup. So I am postulating a plan to utilize my time by timing everything I do including eating, talking or chating with a friend. Second challenge is FUNDS. I know getting cash to push any actions is highly needed in any endeavours in life. But what can I do in exchange of cash? This is the principle I have come to follow


Your next move is getting the needed resources that would be essential in fulfilling the desire path that you hope to achieve. My goal is to reach a stable financial figure that would cater for a lot of needs. I have access to essential resources which will propel me forward to the next leave. I have stipulated a 3 months goal in order to attend these skills set. Some set required confirmation of learning through certifications, orders require building stuff as evidence that I have the right skills to quickly become productive. The cards is in my hand. My next move is to play it.