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A New Year and A New Path

Jan 01-2020


I know each year people make resolutions that at the end couldn’t keep up. But I decided to go on a separate path this year. A committment path to achieve some basic things and make sure they are do no matter even if I am so tired. The following are some of the goals I hope to achieve each before I go to sleep each night

  • Building my skills as a FullStack Developer (Javascript)
  • Pushing content to Github
  • Blogging each day
  • Following the Bible reading for each day
  • Reviewing my goals and fine-tuning it
  • Go to bed with a strong connection with God through prayers.


My goal is very simple, be able to earn Six-Figures before the year 2020 ends and I mean in Dollars. You may call me crazy but that is my goal. There are people who are blessed financially but are not using their blessings to touch others, I intend to use my personal ministry “CHRISTIAN WAYMAY” as a tool to reach and help others.


God and Family is my bedrock. God holds my life and family holds my drive. These two are very important to me. I hope that each day I could reflect back to the things done to these two in my life.


I was able to achieve the first little thing that I set out to achieve today. To update my blog, push to github, study my development program.


I have a strong desire to be a fullstack cybersecurity professional doing pentesting, vulnerability analysis and security engineering before the end of 2020. This is the field I am inquisitive about. I am not giving any excuse about money on this path. More about this in the future.


These are the interst tech I may have to look into in the future, XR (Extended Reality which overs Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and Argumented Reality), Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT. These technologies are making way in the society and needs to be in my check list. They are changing the world.