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Picking Up My Future

Sleeping peacefully by 3:25am on this fateful day, I was awoken by a sudden movement at my head region, I turned, and behold, a figure that was not supposed to be in my private room at the expected time was in my room. I stretch forth my hands to grab his leg, but since he had more advantage than me, he was standing while I was lying down, he had touchlight on his hand because the room was dark and I was naked on the bed (Gush! who doesn’t).

This is not a movie script ladies and gentlemen, this was live event taking place in my house. Before I could realize the situation, I found out that I’ve lost quite a lot. How? You may ask, did they break in?

Physical Security Compromise

I have always considered myself educated enough to handle security. But these young hoodlums proved me otherwise and found a weak spot on my security. The took away the iron-bar of the kitchen, and entered through the widow, opened the backyard door for easy access and raid my house to the fullness

Lost Forever

I knew I had lost quite a lot and immediately, it affected me psychologically. A total estimate of $7,750 United States dollars worth of cash, goods and personal items were stolen including my private wallet with my drivers license etc

Lesson Learned

This experience has thought me a great while and put me into a more proactive thinking state. I really would like to share my lessons as much as possible so as to help someone out there.

Do the following:

  • Always have enough security lights surrounding your house
  • Double check your doors and locks
  • If using iron bars, make sure its installed insider out and not the other way
  • Windows must be properly secured. Confirm its locked
  • Had a very bright touchlight beside your bed
  • If possible, have your weapon close to your bed
  • Turn off lights inside the house and leave outside lights on
  • Make sure you install alarm system for windows, doors
  • Intrusion detection system is also recommeded
  • Having a tick layered curtain
  • Sleep with your face looking at the door

Seeking Help

Currently, I am seeking donation in getting my feet back on. You can send in your donations as a gift coupon, paypal receiveables (, western union, chat with me on twitter(@ccemenike) or cash (would love this one)