To Plugin or Not To Plugin - that's the question

Every WordPress users knows that plugins are the life-wire of any powered WordPress Site. It makes life so easy as if one is relaxing in a beach somewhere in Miami. But after some few installed plugins, one starts to get frustrated on a lot of factors like reduction in traffic, loss of data, blockage of good references from search engines etc.


Picking Up My Future

April 10th 2019 will go down my history as a memorial day to remember as I had a terrifying experience that left me traumatize for days. The encounter of men of the night also known as ROBBERS


Beginners guide to using ZSH in Windows 10

To become very efficient and productive is very important in the tech world. Having the right tools to get the job done faster is essential. No tool comes to the heart of developers than a good terminal. Thus, I decided to explore the Z-Shell for Windows environment. Nut right?

Web Development

Getting Started With Google Firebase

How I moved out of fear to resume blogging about what I am leanring in technology, programming and ofcourse life